Although remarkably durable, pianos are subject to deterioration with time and use. Felt wears, strings break, wooden structures weaken and crack, and the exterior finish loses its beauty. Regular service and periodic action regulation can compensate for minor wear, but heavy or extended use eventually causes a level of disrepair.
Minor repairs can be carried out on site at the client`s home while sometime bigger works require parts to be taken back to Jonathan`s workshop.

Restoration relates to the total rebuilding of the working action parts, keyboard, piano strings, tuning pins, soundboard, bridges, pin block and case refinishing, it is a highly specialised area and should only be undertaken by highly qualified technicians and restorers.
It involves complete disassembly, inspection, and repair as necessary, including replacement of all worn, damaged, or deteriorated parts. The piano is then reassembled, tested, and adjusted to the same or similar tolerances as new if not better.
Jonathan has a vast amount of experience in full piano restorations and many testimonials to validate his standards.
Terms such as Restored, Reconditioned, Fully Repaired, Rebuilt and Re-felted are often used by qualified technicians and novices alike, therefore it is essential that you have the utmost confidence in the person that you have placed in charge of your restoration.
Jonathan has a renowned attention to detail that takes him a step further and his quality approach is the same for each instrument, whether it is a generic upright piano or a superb concert grand: he ensures that the highest quality materials are sourced and used and that the full potential of the instrument`s tone and performance is achieved.